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We offer a full range of Corporate Consultancy and management expertise to companies requiring Financial and Managerial assistance.


Working hand in hand with Merk Managment is Merk Finance, providing financial support for your business. Over and above access to substantial corporate funding. Merk have their own equity funding. Mark have a proven track record of securing fund for their growth organisations, their property and their people.


Provides a property and Land Consultancy dealing in all aspects of commercial and residential investment property, along with a service in progression planning applications through to approval for major projects.

The name Merk comes from one of the first official Scottish coins doting from the 16th Century.

Merk Finance was the first Group Company and the coin was chosen to symbolise its Scottish roots ond its Financial strength. The company has now diversified and incorporates several divisions within the commercial sector which work together as a team.

Over ond above the raising of Corporate finance, the company also operates in both the commercial and residential property markets. The company’s founders have a wealth of experience in property, from the initial location of land sites through to planning and the development of those sites.

Companies within the Merk Group ore also involved in dealing with the major brand names in the licensed beverage industry through their bonded property and also have warehousing and distribution facilities incorporating both storage ond warehouse management.

Although Merk has adapted to changes over the years it constantly rises to new challenges and ensures that all of its divisions work together on a united front.

It is this united approach combined with Merk’s ability to adapt to new markets ond changing business practises that hove enabled todoy’s company to remain at the forefront of on everchanging commercial enviornment. Thus ensuring the continuing success of the business.



The Merk Group is constantly rising to new challenges using all its resources to ensure an optimum level of performance and development, these values ensure customer service to the very highest standards …




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